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TACS Watches

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Lifestyle is the ethos surrounding the exciting designs of these watches. Each piece is designed around objects that a consumer touches or sees in everyday life. These pieces really push out the boundaries of design and take watch creativity to another level.

Prices from £94.99 to £175.99

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About us

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As specialists in the market of quality branded and own label watches, we have what it takes to make the market ‘tick’. We employ a team of experienced professionals who have a deep rooted passion for elegant timepieces. We have a strong ethos of no compromise in quality, and use the highest grade components to complement our great designs.

With over 30 years experience in the watch industry, our team has the knowledge to promote brands and bring products to market with maximum effect. Our executive offices are based in the UK but are complemented by our selected partners in China and Hong Kong. Our associations with these companies provides us with the necessary resources to design, source and manufacture quality products that meet the aspirations of consumers around the world. Within the business we have a team of professionals who have a wealth of experience in brand management, brand launches and brand development. They have worked for leading brands in the watch industry and provide an invaluable strength to the business.